“Eva Slongo is one of the rising stars in the jazz violin world.”

Bireli Lagrene

“I am happy to welcome the young and talented Eva Slongo into the small club of modern jazz violinists. Her playing and composing are both inspired and musical and her beautiful singing ability adds a unique touch to her album, on which we also hear top musicians and a beautiful solo by Didier Lockwood. »

Jean-Luc Ponty

Upcoming release of the album LIVE A L’AZIMUT with Giovanni mirabassi !

eva slongo giovanni mirabassi

Next concerts

03.10.2023 Gestalguinos, Valencia Espagne (French Standard)

05.10.2023 La Flama, Valencia Espagne (French Standard)

29.10.2023 Estrellas Gastro Fest, Valencia (Jorge Riera Quartet)

22.11.2023 : 18 Oberkampf, Paris (Django Reinhardt Tribute DRT) 

24.11.2023 : Sunset, Paris (DRT)

25.11.2023 : Jam au Duc des Lombards (DRT)

26.11.2023 : La Bellevilloise, Paris (DRT)

18.01.2024 : Victoriateatern Malmo, Suède (DRT) 

12.03.2024 : Fasching Stockholm, Suède(DRT)

14.03.2024 : Guitar Festival Helsinkborg, Suède(DRT)

16.03.2024 : Jazz au Confluent, Conflans-sainte-Honorine France (Eva Slongo feat. Baptiste Bailly)

14.05.2024 : Artilleriet Stockolm, Suède (DRT)

15.05.2024 : Jazz Club Sandviken, Suède (DRT)

16.05.24 : Jazz i Lusasken, Suède (DRT)

13-16.06.2024 : STAGE Under the Tuscan Sun, Italie

8-12.08.2024 : STAGE IMPROS MANOUCHES, Cévennes France


with Giovanni Mirabassi, Baptiste Herbin,

François Moutin et Lukmil Perez

“Some encounters ignite a fresh momentum, a new direction, as if it were meant to be…

A new ‘Breath,’ hence the title of this album born from my encounter with Giovanni Mirabassi.

Nurtured by classical music since forever, it is in jazz improvisation that I found a liberating freedom of expression.

The challenge of this album: to harmoniously blend these two musical worlds, these two pillars of my personality.

A quest for authenticity, both musically and personally, a reconciliation between my past and my present.”

Eva Slongo


Eva Slongo & Biréli Lagrène

Eva Slongo & Laurent Coulondre

Eva Slongo & Didier Lockwood

Zbigniew Seifert Competition


Eva Slongo was born in Switzerland to a family of classical musicians. She first trained as a professional classical violinist.

One day, by chance, she tried to improvise with musicians in a bar; she felt such euphoria that she spent a sleepless night … It was then that she decided to do everything she could to practice improvisation on the violin.

After her classical diplomas, she changed direction and started from scratch … She studied jazz violin with Pierre Blanchard in Lausanne, then with Didier Lockwood in Paris, where she decided to stay and live for music. She also practiced improvisation on vocals, which led her to create her very noticeable unique color: improvising on the violin and scatting simultaneously.

In Paris, Eva Slongo met renowned musicians from the world of gypsy jazz with whom she shared the stage: Biréli Lagrène, Wawau Adler, Sébastien Giniaux, Ninine Garcia, and many others … But her trips to New York inspired her to create a more modern project around her compositions. She recorded her first EP “TRÉSOR” with Laurent Coulondre on organ, then the album “Inspirations” in quartet, with Joran Cariou on piano, and with Didier Lockwood as guest.

In 2011, she won the Prize for Best Improvisation at the Stéphane Grappelli International Violin Competition sponsored by Didier Lockwood. In 2016, she obtained the 2nd prize of the Golden Jazz Trophy with her quartet.

After all these years of experience, she was led to give masterclasses internationally. She needed to share more of her learning of the jazz violin, but struggled to find the time and method to do so. Her first pregnancy forced her to slow down concerts… but it led her to do what she would never have imagined: create a new educational concept on the internet, the blog “Learn Jazz Violin” which has become the 1st Google search result in French jazz violin, and finally a method “The new way to learn jazz violin.”

Eva Slongo’s new album “Souffle” was recorded in collaboration with pianist Giovanni Mirabassi, with whom she shares the stage regularly.

Eva Slongo and Giovanni Mirabassi