“Eva Slongo is one of the rising stars in the jazz violin world.”

Bireli Lagrene

“I am happy to welcome the young and talented Eva Slongo into the small club of modern jazz violinists. Her playing and composing are both inspired and musical and her beautiful singing ability adds a unique touch to her album, on which we also hear top musicians and a beautiful solo by Didier Lockwood. »

Jean-Luc Ponty



with Giovanni Mirabassi, Baptiste Herbin, François Moutin and Lukmil Perez

Official release on June 10

Release concert on June 22 juin in

Bal Blomet in Paris 👉TICKETS


– April 4 « Creative String Festival » in Lausanne (Switzerland)

– May 7 : Chorus in Lausanne (Switzerland)

– June 17 : Alzira jazz festival (Spain)

– June 18 : Albora Jazz Festival (Spain)

– June 22 : Le Bal Blomet in Paris 👉TICKETS

– July 1-2 : Fiddle Congress in Barcelona 👉TICKETS 

– July 14 : festival « Swing in the wind » in Estavayer-le-Lac (Switzerland)

– July 17 : Festival « Le jazz bat la campagne » in Parthenay (France)

– September 21 : SUNSET SUNSIDE in Paris

– September 22  : Fontdouce Abbay (France) 

– November 19 : L’Usine à Zabu in Saint-Germain-des-Anges (France)




In her new opus “SOUFFLE,” Eva Slongo, for the first time, mixes jazz with classical music … improvisation with rigor … adventure with stability … her impulses with her origins!

In the world of jazz, she is called “the Benson of the violin” — she has with much originality combined scatting and violin playing in her improvisations …

Wonderful musicians accompany her in this project: Giovanni Mirabassi on piano and artistic direction, François Moutin on double bass, Cuban Lukmil Perez on drums, and the guest star: Baptiste Herbin on saxophone!

Thus was born the ALBUM “SOUFFLE”, in preparation for a release in spring 2022 …